Have you ever though of study in a foreign country? Maybe not, but hopefully after reading this article it could be something you will contemplate on.

Amongst the many reasons for moving away learning a foreign language tops them.  The world is increasingly becoming culturally diverse and most foreign people living in you country will speak at least two languages.  Before you take the plunge you may want to take advantage of some free online courses to get a basic understanding of the language spoken in the place you wish to travel too.

If you are taking a year out to study abroad see if you can find a tutor within your educational establishment that may have done something similar themselves.  Getting as much advice as you can is always the way to go.  Studying abroad will also do wonders for your University application and your degree.

Studying in a foreign country will broaden you’re your world view.  A recent report had identified that students especially within the UK, aren’t equipped to think about business on a global scale and subsequently they were behind countries such as China and India whose world outlook was broader.

Diving into another culture will give you a whole different type of appreciation for the people and their traditions that you probably couldn’t understand from reading travel books and magazines.

In lots of countries you could find tutoring centres that maybe able to give you crash courses in the culture and the language. These centres might also be a place where you may meet similar people in the same circumstances.

Studying away from home will make you a better person in every sense, just make sure that you do you home work before packing your bags and purchasing that ticket for Japan!  Speak with your family, friends, teachers and tutors etc.  Be honest with the costs of it all and when you satisfied go for it, you only live once!

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