What do we understand by the word tutor?
The answer would be easy and going by the dictionary it means a private instructor, which is anyone who provides an additional assistance in your learning through teaching but in a private arrangement with you and other fellow students. If we further detail it then we may say that he or she is not attached to any publicly recognized educational institution but has the required relative qualifications to impart coaching or training to a group of students accordingly.

So, by tutoring jobs it would mean jobs for these tutors and we will discuss it at length here.
Now, if we look at it vividly, as we started our student life from kindergarten schools we would go to school and come back and study with our folks, if any, with the guidance from our parents and gradually moved up to middle school and from late middle school to high school we could do our studies ourselves with optional assistance from parents or other elders or our school teachers. Few of us were introduced to private tutors by then too.
Nowadays, it’s a busy world and a much rapid pace around us. But a child would still need assistance to start his studies whether it is from parents or others. And also as a student moves into higher studies he may need help to get a grasp on the subjects with the correct approach towards it. Hence the reason we have tutors and ample jobs for tutors too in today’s times. Starting from your elementary school days when you need a tutor to get into the habit of studying and completing your tasks and also essentially learn the things been taught to you, to your high school and graduate days where you need to make up for the lack of clarity and the excess of speed in the teachings of your school or college professors.
Well, you also need the support of tutors to cover up for your bunked classes during high school and college days. Jokes apart, tutors are unofficially customarily mandated these days by the pattern of our education system where to cope up and keep pace with the academics we need an extra assistance out of the regular school and college classes to understand the basics of different subjects and the things taught in the school or college.

Jobs for tutors are on a rise due to the said reason and also because the teaching of every teacher may not suit your learning methods which is better understood by your tutor as there is a much higher degree of personal interaction between you two which helps in innovating ways to make you get a firm grip over the subjects and thus eventually in the betterment of your academic performance and results.