School awards are so inspirational to those involved, and there are a lot of people involved including, teachers, parents, tutors teaching assistants and not to forget the pupils.

For the teachers it can be a proud moment when a pupil who has struggled with areas in there studies in class, for them to have got through the difficulties and stood out. When all the hard work pays off it can make a demanding job more meaningful.

For the pupils that have got their head down into the studies a little recognition can go a long way into development in the future. Pupils aren’t usually thinking about the awards they may get for doing what essentially their job, but. Most school children understand the that education is very important for securing good jobs or places at good colleges when they leave school.

Any tutors that may have work with the pupils out side of school will have the added benefit of more pupils doing better due to their input. Having pupils do well is also good for business as this parents and the pupils will leave feed back and you can mention awards that have

Award ceremonies will often make those involved feel good about the efforts they have put in and to continue on this path. For those that have been bit relaxed it can be an awakening challenge to better ones self and perhaps received an award themselves one day. I suppose you could say its healthy competition with everybody mainly competing against themselves.

Everybody who has tried hard deserves recognition and this will also help build relationships between all those involved with the school and the child.

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