MBA application school is just around the corner now, and the first round of deadlines is just a matter of months away.  If your a student that is about to apply to a to an MBA this article will provide some tips that will help make you application successful.

Strategies For Testing

The GMAT is a screening tool that tests the vast amount of applications from the more than adequate students, its a process that you can control so ensure you pull out all the stops to do it correctly.

Prepare for GMAT

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. This is a common saying within education but it is essentially true.  In order to be pass an exam you should take a class.  Taking a class and sitting mock exams will help you develop an understanding of what your strengths and weakness may be within a similar environment.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to sitting the GMAT, aim to get it out of the way at the earliest opportunity as there are other parts of the application that will need you attention as well.


Nobody likes interviews, so you should practice aspects of the interview out loud so you can become comfortable with the pitch and tone your voice as well as the information it is providing.  You can set-up mock interviews with friends and family were they can give you instant feedback and advice.

If you are offered a choice, suggest the interview is off campus and find an appropriate place were the interview can be conducted.

As cheesy as it sounds, sending short thank you note by email or registered post will insure they remember you.

Letters of Recommendation

You should pick your recommendors very carefully as most of the top school deem these documents to be a very important part of the application process.  Its best to use recommendations from the most recent employment, as your boss will be able to provide an insight that a an academic one wont be able to do.  Ensure that the reference is actually somebody you have work with, not just worked for, for example, you would have worked with you supervisor or manager, but it is unlikely you would have had anything more than a passing conversation with the CEO

Short list of schools

Regardless of how it may appear to you, apply to the school you would most likely like go to.  you wont have another chance to do this so go for it.  If you have lots of schools you would like to attend or are just applying to any school, consider narrowing it down to 6 or less to prevent lowered returns and overworking.

Applying again

Reapplying to a school after being rejected the first time would show the school that  you are determined.  In your application be sure to point out the progress you have made since your initial application, but don’t change the application to dramatically as it may look suspicious.

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