Do you need some homework help to get your grades up to get into a preferred college or University and you struggling to do it on your own?  Have you thought of getting a personal tutor before?  Face to Face tuition can be a great experience but sometimes it may not be suitable to your lifestyle.

By getting an online tutor you could save on things like travel and the costs associated with travelling to and from a place.   You maybe worried that online tutors may be less qualified but all online tutors will have a profiles that you can view and see if they might be the type of person you could work with, on top of being qualified for the job.

Pupils and students can get help in Math, English, History, French or German etc for G.C.S.Es or perhaps you need Psychology or I.T.  Whatever the subject you are studying there is a tutor waiting to help.

It couldn’t be easier to do, below is a scenario to illustrate just how simple the process could be.

Marvin is an A-level studying Maths in a good college, in order for him to get into one the top Universities in the country he needs help in geometry.  He lives outside of the city and doesn’t have his own transport.  He has decided that he wants to get an online tutor.  He does a immediate search online and quickly finds lots of sites offering online tutoring.

Marvin registers with one and views a few profiles and finds someone who has a degree in mathematics offering online tuition to A-Level students.  He also mentioned he has a interest in football and over 10 years experience in tutoring, also lots of people gave him good feedback.

Marvin looked at the requirement which included: a computer with sound output, microphone input and microphone or a headset, Internet connection and a Paypal account.  He realised he had or could obtain all this stuff.

The teaching was conducted through interactive white boards and over the headset. Marvin was easily able to take in the theories with his tutor and ask questions about the ones that were not as easily comprehended.

Marvin was able to manage his spending by only crediting his account with what he could afford.  When he was about to run out of credit he was alerted and given the chance to add funds or wrap the lesson up until next time.