When learning is fun is makes it more likely we will continue to discover things within a subject that we find interesting.

School homework can be enjoyable too if you use your imagination to find ways to make it so.   Here are a few ideas to start you off.

Treat yourself

A good way to get the most out of your learning is to set aside a time when you will study and then during that time, say 2-3 hours, offer yourself a  break the from the studying and do something that will make you feel good.  The break you take could involve listening to music for 15 minutes, have a cup of tea with a biscuit or a quick blast on your favourite computer game. Whichever you decide to do ensure it is only for a short time because the studying is the more important thing to focus on. Sometimes when you are writing topics about things you’re not really interested in but you have to do it, you need to break away from it for a short time to enable you to stay motivated.

Study outdoors

When you have to write an essay, especially a lengthy one, being indoors can make you go a little stir crazy after a while. If you are lucky enough to have good weather during this time why not pack your studying essentials and head off to the park or local coffee shop.   A change of scenery can help if you are lacking inspiration or motivation and it may also allow you to work on your tan!

Get your friends together

OK! I don’t mean have a party, but getting a couple of friends around to when studying can be fun  – allowing you to get different perspectives on the material you are studying.  I suggest you choose wisely and consider what the people you want to invite will contribute, then only invite those who you think will actually do some work!

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