Improvement in techniques and study habits are the best way to excel in exams, at least so claim the experts from Many students work hard but do not get the expected marks and go into depression. Actually a little guidance and change in their studies can help them a lot and if someone is hard working, he can achieve the target with small changes in his study pattern. Preparing for exams gives many student awful tension and stress which sometimes can lead to bad performance in the exams. The question is how to get rid of the exam tension and make study less stressful?Following are some tips that can help you in eliminating the stress and preparing for the exams:
1. After the date for the exams is announced, look which chapters are included in the syllabus and which type of questions are expected. Finding the type of exam such as whether it will be only objectives, or long essay or small questions, is also important.
2. Make notes with reference from the text books. Give more time to analyze the notes. Notice the important questions that the lecturer has referred and match your answer with the guides but do not use the language from the guide as it is. Also consider the question papers of the past exams.
3. If it is an objective type exam, then underline all the important small answers in the text book. Make a list of items such as true or false, fill in the blanks or odd man out, of the objectives where you can score well. It will enable you to guess the number of marks you have in hand and can work hard on them. If it is an essay exam, then make a list of probable questions and prepare answers of those questions. Practicing the answers will make you confident before the exam, which is very important before you enter the examination hall.
4. You can underline important one line answers with different colors. For example, if the question is too important, you can color the lines with red color, less important questions can be colored with yellow and so on. This is an excellent concept for last minute review of the chapter.
5. If the answer of the question is in a number of points, you can make a word from the first letter of each point. This way you will remember all the points and it will save time in the examination hall as well because while writing the exam you need not memorize the points. Do you know how to manage your stress during exams?
Working hard is another thing but working smart is the need of the hour. Seeing the competition, one can imagine the stress students are going through while preparing for the exams. Little preparation beforehand can do wonders. Many students get confused as to what to study and what not to study but if they study only the text books thoroughly, they will achieve 75% of the target. Rest of the 25% can be achieved with small changes in the study pattern.