Students sometimes doubt their study skills and start worrying that how they can change their routine that can prove effective. Sometimes only few changes can make all the difference and they can gain their confidence back. One can excel in studies only by changing the study habits and surely, it is not a difficult task. Here are some study tips that can help you in changing your study habits:1. First of all you must know what your priority is and what you want to study. Decide study hours for that particular subject and stick to the time table.
2. Do not take difficult subject in the beginning. This way you may lose your interest in study. Starting with easy and interesting subjects will boost your confidence and your interest in studies will remain intact.
3. Choice of place for studies also matters. Some places do not have much light or correct temperature that you feel comfortable with. Study material, proper light and temperature of the place where you are supposed to study, should also be considered.
4. If you study for long hours, you must take a break in-between. Ten minutes relaxation after every 50 minutes is recommended by the specialists. You can take some energy snacks as well.
5. Study the books thoroughly and underline each and every line that you feel is important for the last time revision. Giving longer time to this type of study can prove beneficial at the time of exams. It will also take lesser time for last minute revision. Give larger time for organizing concepts, writing papers and relationships. Also keep small intervals in-between for memorization, self-testing and reviewing the things. Recalling the subject at odd moments is also a very healthy technique to memorize and review the important chapters.
6. When you get bored from studying the same subject, switch to other environment, activities, or subject. If you like drawing or painting, you can do that also to relax yourself. You can even practice the science figures or things like that.
7. Before you go to bed, try to review the important details.
8. Studying with friends also can prove productive. Compare important test questions and notes; ask questions to each other so that all doubts get cleared.
9. Make columns in a note book and give them easy, easier and easiest names. The chapters you are confident about put them in the easiest column. If you have little doubt about certain chapters and feel you need to give them a reading, put those chapters in the easier one and the chapters you find are hard put them in the easy column. This way you will come to know where you need to improve. Slowly all the chapters will get included in the easiest column. This is a very effective technique to relieve yourself from the tension because you know where you need to work hard and where you can relax.

If one goes through all these tips, one will find that just by improving a little of one’s study habits, one can not only improve his study skills but can also stand in the exams with flying colors.