The virtual environment with the time and space separation of the students and teachers is the process of online tutoring. Many different approaches are adopted for online tutoring and the best feature available widely on the internet is free online tutoring. The difference in the several approaches of online tutoring is based on the different methods, interface and online content. There are numerous organizations offering tutoring services on the internet that has become very easy with the evolution of technology.

In order to consider the difference of time and space in free online tutoring, certain aspects should be considered. A basic aspect includes the interaction of tutor and student that involves instructions and explanations using multimedia devices such as video, audio, webcam and interactive material. The time of tutoring is more flexible compared to at home tutoring since pre-recorded material is used.

However, in case of one-to-one tutoring, the time is limited to the available hours of the tutor. The material required for free online tutoring is a computer or an electronic device with necessary multimedia programs including a headset, microphone and webcam. It is also possible to have parental involvement in online tutoring since progress reports of the students are available online for the parents.

For free online tutoring, there are numerous sites, lessons, learning forums, and homework guidelines available. The emphasis of all these services is to cater the practical needs of the learners and students at all levels. They help in knowledge growth and strength of understanding the subject or topics in a better way. The free services of online tutoring give the opportunity of free access to the lessons or forums. It is important to find the correct sources that provide useful and correct information and qualified tutors.

The online tutoring has some basic features for the development of learners and tutors. One of the main features of free online tutoring is the interactivity. The other features include online training for online working, modeling of the expected behaviors of students, focusing on the communication and role of tutoring instead of the technology, and demonstration by networked learning.

If a student is having trouble in education and needs a tutor, then he/she can take help from online tutoring. It provides a comfortable environment for learning from your home without facing any problems. The voice technology can make things much easier with the better interaction between the tutor and the learner.