Some people believe that education today does not inspire to prepare our next generation for the world we live in.  Others may say that’s there is not enough substance especially in  a subject like science were people only seem to be interested in “Cool Science”.

The TV and media have a lot to say in this as science facts can often get dumbed down to make them more appealing to a wider audience.

There is nothing wrong with dumbing down for introductory purposes but it is too often used to replace real content that contain areas that may pose difficulty in understanding.

On the flip side, we often hear about education seemingly getting easier and students taking a bashing in the press. The media tends to take with one hand and give with another, although what is given doesn’t always leave a nice taste in the mouth for the students who studied hard to get the grades.

These days EVERYBODY and his dog expects their children to go to University, this dilutes the quality of a degree a little, but also means that to get a very good job your grades might have to be exceptional.

Technology and other science stuff play a big part in education these days with the internet containing a vast amount of information.  Simply type a word in a search engine and WHAM! You’ve got a million plus pages that contain that word.  Pupils and students are now expected to have an internet connection for high school at least.

Children in elementary schools are now being taught foreign languages whereas before, that was generally left to high school pupils.  Computers and technology are a large part of everyday life including the classroom.  Although they have an influence, the concepts of teaching are still pretty much the same as they were in take out recent decades.

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