“Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.” – Edward Everett

Education lays foundation of a prosperous society and good humanity. It helps in discovering the true potential of one-self and constructing a fulfilling career.

The role of education in modern society is based on the openness of mind that provides liberty of actions by giving a true realization of its consequences. When a child is being admitted to primary classes he starts gaining perspectives from his teachers and friends. Gradually as he grows up into a successful individual it is his education that helps him to transform his views and differentiate between various good and evil.

Education helps in developing the overall personality and social status for an individual. A better education informs us about our rights, duties and responsibility associated with a given situation. It makes us to think about the larger reforms pertaining to our families, society and the global consequences.

It is essential that we put our generation to such educational institutes that not only provide books and course-subject knowledge but also imbibe the sense of being a responsible citizen. Education should make us aware of our choices. We should have a clear idea of what we want to do in life and how can we do it. If one wants to become a designer, he should be able to generate the ‘creativity’ required in this field. Thereafter, he should be able to find out the right resources that would help him to cultivate the best of his potential. This is possible only with a broader awareness of his field and interest that comes with education.

Education is more than only gaining knowledge. The actual motive of education is awareness- of our career, our rights, our responsibilities or our values. In everyday life when we encounter some bad happenings, education becomes our weapon to act against the evil. Rather than suppressing our concerns, we should be aware of our strengths.

We need to understand that every individual is different and is capable of performing different tasks efficiently. With this awareness it is easier for all of us to find out our respective roles in society and thus we can work for our mutual growth and collective betterment. This important task can be performed only by those education institutes that focus on overall development of its students.

The educational institutes should start self-awareness campaigns and courses for students. These may comprise of some vocational classes as well as self testing contests and quizzes. If such activities would become a part of the curriculum then the students from all the backgrounds will be able to participate equally in to them.

From a monotonous routine of study when students will lead towards the actual role of education, then studies would not look like a burden to them. They will be able to relate the role of their studies with everyday practice.
Thus in conclusion it is mandatory to learn from the quote as mentioned (in the beginning of the article) that education is a better safeguard of liberty. It refers to the individual rights and duties that can be prudently safeguarded with the help of education only.

In real sense the best educational institutes are the one that provide ‘educated individuals’ rather than ‘qualified individuals’!