The education system has been continually evolving as a result of which teaching methods and expectations from students have both changed drastically over the past few years. Now greater syllabi are covered by teachers within a short period of time and students are expected to grasp faster and remember all the important points during class tests and exams. Below given are a few learning tips to help students maximize their limited study time to grasp larger portions:

Make Notes

The first step to understand and learn something better is to make your own notes. Take notes during lectures as your teacher explains different concepts and combine those with notes from the textbook to prepare comprehensive notes which you can just glance through before exams. Taking notes during a class helps as you can note down whatever the teacher emphasizes upon. You come to know of the points that are important and need to be given special preference. The practice of making notes also helps in increasing your concentration and grasping the concepts faster. Also, while preparing notes at home, leave space after each answer so you can add extra points later. Use as much short-hand as possible such as a phrase for each idea; this helps memorize all the points faster without feeling saturated. You can prepare notes for each chapter and organize different subject notes into different files. Just read all the bullet points once everyday before going to sleep at night. This will help you remember all these points clearly and for a longer duration.

Improve Your Reading Style

In order to grasp faster, try reading faster. To improve your reading speed without losing concentration, you can devote some time to reading story books and newspapers every day. This not only serves to improve your concentration and reading but also goes a long way in enhancing your language. Also, try finishing a chapter in one stretch without going back to what you have just read. If you do not understand a sentence, you can always come back to it after you have finished reading the chapter.

In order to read fast, one tip is to glance through the top portion of letters rather than their center. For instance, pass your eyes over the area where the dot in ā€˜iā€™ appears rather than its lower portion. Practicing this style of reading will help increase your reading speed.

Create a Timetable

Create a timetable on your own and allot time for playing games, eating, reading newspaper, exercise and studying. Often, making a timetable itself serves to renew confidence in students that they can cover the entire portion well in time while also devoting time to other activities. However, a timetable can work only when you start following it the day you prepare it. The tendency often is to procrastinate and delay the process which simply adds to the anxiety and guilt during exams. It is important when making a timetable to allot more time to hard subjects and keep combinations of both an easy and a difficult subject to be studied every day.