It doesn’t seem that long ago when we were handing our homework in on a scrap of paper that had our handwriting scribbled all over it.  Now laptops, Tablets and desktops play a very important part of learning and for completing coursework.  Without the internet you simply cannot complete certain course as due to aspects that are only available there.  Active learning on the internet and higher education is a necessary combination when looking to achieve good grades at a college.

The Internet for teachers is a place where they can combat plagiarism. Although students are warned against it, unfortunately there are still a few that think the can get away with ripping off material of the internet and submitting it as there own.  These days there are lots of tools on the internet designed specifically for this purpose.

Although online tutoring is in its infancy many people are benefiting from an internet education as a supplement to their studies.  The face to face, in person tuition is slowly becoming thing of the past, with an increasing number of people prefer this slightly less informal way of learning.  With online tuition lessons can take place over webcam, Skype, interactive whiteboards and chat functions.

Distance learning and online courses have long been the choice of people who work but want to perhaps change career or increase their prospects for promotion with in the same company.  Students can now enrol on short course that will offer them real credit to use towards college and university applications.

In these early days of digital learning and development each cycle of the process gets better as the feedback from those using it drives the progress.  As broadband starts to become more affordable and accessible to the masses it’s not hard to visualise the internet becoming the new classroom of the future