Are you looking for a way to supplement your income, where you don’t even have to leave your house? Have you considered online tutoring of college students as a way of increasing your income? All you really need for successful online tutoring is an ability to teach and communicate well with others, a computer, a way to accept payment (some tutoring sites will take care of this for you), and reliable internet access.

Online tutoring has advantages for both parties. Neither tutor nor tutee needs to leave their house or office for the tutoring. This is particularly helpful when one or both live in remote or rural areas or have transportation issues (for example, I live nearly 6 miles from my local college and have no transportation other than the bus or walking. The buses here run every 40 minutes starting around 6:30 am and stopping around 5:30 pm; they don’t run at all on Sundays and holidays, and the schedule on Saturdays is every 80 minutes starting at 8:30 am and ending at 4:00 pm).

Your first decision after you’ve decided to tutor college students online is what subjects you are qualified to teach. You don’t have to have a degree in the subjects you wish to tutor in, although it might be helpful. You do need to know more than the students do, and you need to be able to communicate well and teach effectively. You can have all the technological knowledge in the world, but if you can’t teach effectively and/or communicate with your clients in a respectful manner you won’t be a good tutor.

Now that you’ve decided what subjects you want to tutor in, you need to pick a site to register with. asks you to complete an online tutoring application; then you may be asked to take a subject exam in the subjects you are interested in tutoring. If you pass the exams, you will then be given a mock session with an online tutor. If you do well in the mock session, you will need to pass a final exam and a background check.

Smart Thinking asks you to fill out an online form and submit an I9 form (documentation regarding eligibility to work in the United States) that is verified by a US notary public. You will be required to have access to your own computer (i.e. not a library or school computer) and your own internet access.