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What is Visual Learning?

Visual learning is a learning teaching style in which concepts, ideas, data, and other information is associated with techniques and images.

Students who are visual learners may find it helpful to close their eyes and visualize a piece of information they are trying to learn or memorize. If these visual learning students choose to use flashcards, they should limit the amount of information on each flashcard so that the information can be easily recalled in their minds. Too much information on one flashcard will cause overload for the visual learner, and they won’t retain any of the information

Other beneficial habits for visual learners include paying attention to the presentation or lecture. Although the presenter will keep talking or presenting PowerPoint slides if the students are looking out the window or looking at other people, the student won’t be able to retain and learn the material.

A second habit to get into if you are a visual learner is making illustrations while taking notes. Drawing

You can learn a lot during holidays

When you’re on holiday it can be too easy to just do nothing but lounge about, hangout with friends and play computer games.

They say that too much of a good thing can be bad for you, so it could be worth looking into spending a couple of hours a day doing something productive like online learning.

Depending of what stage of education you are at you could use the Internet for learning English online to brush up on grammar and spelling, we all know just how much we can rely on spell check these days!  There are lots of flash games that will make the experience more fun and you can always get your friends and family involved to compete for high scores and bragging rights.

You could use some of the time to help a younger member of the family learn math online or any other useful subject.  Kids love learning new things and they aren’t afraid of technology either, in fact they

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