Transferring from a school to a college can be a huge shock to the system for some, the rules are some what relaxed compared to school and people are there because they choose to be rather then be required by law.  College tutors will tell you that you are responsible for your own learning at this stage of your education.

College is either preparation for a job if your doing a more practical course or it can be a step towards gaining entry to a University.  So whatever subject your doing you should always bare in mind why you are there for, “keep your eyes on the prize” as they say!

Students should look to get college homework help from a variety of different sources such as the library, the Internet and any other useful external sources including private tutors in some cases.

For example a student studying Math and English in college may be great with English but may struggle with certain areas of Math.   A tutor that has a degree in math would be able to provide college math help as tutors are usually qualified to at least one level above their students.

A good study life balance is another key to how successful  in your education, so allow  yourself time off from your studies when your schedule allows for it.  Use this time to relax and get away from the pressure of education.  If your the type that tends to stray to easily you may want create a weekly schedule so you can plan when you will study, work (if you have a part-time job) and play!

Developing ways to make studying fun may make you more likely to study more and to help you retain more information.  If you have like minded friends you can all help each other out, get the task completed and then you can enjoy a few finer things in life.  Be aware of distractions and dont be afraid to go off on your own to complete tasks that you have set your self, your friends will be there when you get back.

As well as the friends you may know from school that have gone to the same college as you there are hundreds sometimes thousands of other students out there.  Try make a conscious decision to make more friends.   In the business world they call this networking, where your aquire friendships that may benefit your career and/or future prospects.

The last thing that this article will touch on is money.  Money is a requirement of everyday day life, it is important that you take care of you bankroll whilst in college as you don’t really want to be carrying debt into University.  At Uni most students,  with the exception of the rich will expect to run into debt due from student loans and credit card etc.   It  is important to avoid getting yourself in a financial mess if you can avoid it.