New Teacher on the Block

For many new teachers, the first day of school can be as terrifying as when they were students. Many teachers go into the job with enthusiasm but get discouraged when they find it difficult to interact with students. Of course, teaching is a skill that is honed over the years and there is no substitute for experience. However, till the time when you can look back on your own teaching past, you can use the experience of others. Here, you will find some tips given by experts on how to handle your new class.
 Be Friendly, Not a Friend

This might seem like a contradiction in terms, but it is important that you understand the difference before you make the first connection with your students. A good teacher is one that students aren’t hesitant to approach. You should have good listening skills, not be judgmental, and respect their opinions. Students may say that you are more like a friend, but don’t forget that you are

How should you curb your success in the path of being a teacher?

Throughout our life as a student, we are afraid of appearing for exams and evaluations. We feared failure and often dreaded the exam days. However, it is through exams and tests that we really came in terms about our knowledge. The parameters of our intelligence are set in the questions of those exams. It is this intelligence and knowledge that made us who we really are at present. We learnt all subjects in our childhood, picked up few favorites and continued farther studies in that field. Likewise, we choose a life as an engineer, doctor, lawyer and sometimes a teacher.

A career as a tutor needs you to be successful and an ace in your subject. You must analyze all the aspects of your desired subject and know for sure that you are making an informed decision. However, in this discussion, let us some talk about few grounds that will help you become a tutor.

What are the grounds on which you should pay attention?

Career and Perspective of an Online Tutor

If you are savvy about using your personal computer and love to have an optimum control over the number of hours you would like to spend in teaching, then online tutor as a career option is perfect for you. There are some easy benefits and advantages of being an online tutor. Moreover, this career option holds an ample amount of potentials and perspective that can take you ahead in your teaching career. In addition, if teaching is your sole passion and hobby, you can always come back home and start online tutoring. In this article, you shall read about some of the best profits that you gain by teaching online.
Perspective and Opportunities for Online Tutors

Work from Anywhere:

A virtual or an online teacher can access the tutoring platform from any locations, given that he has access to the internet and a standard computer. Moreover, you can work around the comfort of your home.

Flexible Work Hours:

Most online tutors are classroom tutors as


When teaching takes place in the cyber space using the electronic media, we define it as online tutoring. This technique of teaching has recently come up and is being followed by many institutions as well private tutors. It is not much different form face to face teaching as far as the student-teacher relationship is concerned. The area where it varies is that it makes use of the audio-visual media to convey the matter. The teachers are expected to be familiar with the online environment and the use of electronic media. Online tutoring requires more of team work as people like instructional designers, multimedia specialists, and other technical experts are needed to construct the material to be given to the students for studying. It’s not just reading from a book and dictating question and answers. Everything has to be explained by writing it in a comprehensible manner.
 The most challenging part of the entire process is that the students are not present face to face for

Jobs for Tutors And How Schools Can Merge Their Services

Schools have done some great things for children in the field of education. It’s a rather obvious fact. These days, however, the standards of teaching in schools are drastically reducing until only a few of them are left to teach their children properly and well. Tutoring jobs, on the other hand, are on the rise, sought by desperate parents who feel their kids are falling behind in school and could do with some one on one concept learning to strengthen their subject skills.

Schools have thus started looking to a tutor’s employment as a participating non-faculty member. It’s only just beginning, but better late than never, right? After all, what’s best for our children and their educational future determines the very functioning of society itself. Economy and progress depend on our kids getting the most out of their education so their young minds are honed to understand the Earth and our purpose in it, and use that knowledge to further humanity’s cause.

Too philosophical for

How to Prepare for Exams

Improvement in techniques and study habits are the best way to excel in exams. Many students work hard but do not get the expected marks and go into depression. Actually a little guidance and change in their studies can help them a lot and if someone is hard working, he can achieve the target with small changes in his study pattern. Preparing for exams gives many student awful tension and stress which sometimes can lead to bad performance in the exams. The question is how to get rid of the exam tension and make study less stressful? Following are some tips that can help you in eliminating the stress and preparing for the exams:
1. After the date for the exams is announced, look which chapters are included in the syllabus and which type of questions are expected. Finding the type of exam such as whether it will be only objectives, or long essay or small questions, is also important.
2. Make notes with reference

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